30 – Day Journey “Back to Me”

Starting over from yourself: the importance of putting yourself first

Whenever we want to start again from ourselves and reach a goal, it is fundamental:

  • Starting over from yourself> don’t lose your way, so it is essential to set priorities. Ask yourself, what are the really important things and which are the least?
  • Starting over from yourself> knowing patience. You must learn to be patient, giving more time to great things and less to more ephemeral ones.
  • Starting over from yourself> you can’t live in anxiety, it’s not good and you have to understand that you can’t keep everything under control. Establish an order starting with what is most important to you.
  • Starting over from yourself> learn to give the right value to your needs. Stop and understand that there are things you must give way to, and to do so you must recognize the priority, learn to give the right value to your needs and give them the corresponding importance.
  • Starting over from yourself> remember, no order is definitive or unalterable, so your list will be relative to the time and needs of a specific historical time you are experiencing. It can be changed
  • Starting over yourself> remember that your order does not necessarily coincide with the order of others. We often complain and demand that a partner, friend or family member immediately understand and resolve a priority issue for us; be careful though, you complain, but do you keep in mind that perhaps that “stone” of yours, for someone, is nothing but a “grain is sand”?

Those who want to start over themselves after a difficult time must understand what their priorities are, the things that are most important in their lives. It is of fundamental importance, to start over from ourselves, to make a mental order and a hierarchical order, to give ourselves the right priorities. To start from yourself it is a necessary condition to understand that everything takes a certain time and has its own priority, so you don’t have to hurry and have everything randomly. Finally you have to pursue great goals, that is the bigger stones, but with the possibility of making changes during the work.

Starting over from yourself, at times, is a difficult thing to do on your own, because you experience a blurred and complex moment. In my studio, I welcome people who want and need to start over themselves. Why? in so far as clarity helps to return to the right course, to know and give the right value to things, to give exact priorities, directing one’s own path.

30 day journey “back to me”: My journey. 

I decided to create a 30 day journey “back to me” because I was starting feeling overwhelmed by all the things to do and I was losing my direction.  It Is a 30 day challenge where with little daily rituals and gestures I focus on myself giving myself the permission to put myself first. No guilt. No apologies. No excuses. 

Rituals remind us of what is important and give us a sense of stability and continuity in our lives. rituals allow us to overcome moments of “stress” and to take up the reins of our lives when we are faced with unscheduled situations. A sort of buoy in the midst of the ocean of the unexpected that gives us confidence in ourselves, calms our anxieties and, why not, gives us a certainty that we thought had been lost. The importance and effectiveness of the ritual, therefore, is proven and, indeed, is the source of constant studies. The ritual, the preparation of the same, its celebration is the occasion to get back in touch with ourselves to reclaim the most precious resource ever: time.

Put yourself in the center. Focus on your self

Has it ever happened to you to think “would I need more hours in a day?”, “24 hours are not enough for me?”, “I wish I had more time for …”.

Time is never enough and every day we have a thousand things to do, so it is difficult to deal with the “duty”, let alone the time for “pleasure”.

The ever more pressing pace of work and the tasks that private life, family demands, risk putting your needs perpetually at the bottom of the list, always in second place.

That’s what happened to me, anyway.

And it is precisely in these moments and situations of life, that we subject our body and our mind, to high levels of stress which, in the long run, can be detrimental if not even dangerous for one’s health. And it is in these scenarios and situations that we begin to understand that something is wrong.

That we are mentally unbalanced, that something is not working or is not as it should be.

The expression “cut out of time” brings to mind the possibility of giving oneself only a piece of one’s day. Let’s try to overturn the paradigm then, and instead of talking about “cutting out”, let’s think instead of “taking” time. The conquest of spaces in which the Self is at the center of our thoughts and our attentions.

My first two days of the 30 day journey “back to me”

I realized I really needed some me time, some ritual to get back to me, to my roots and back to a brand new way of managing my emotional and spiritual wounds.  I want to share with you how my journey began.


Stay tuned to get along the journey with me and to discover other incredible inspirations to reconnect with yourself to finally find your way back to you!

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