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Animal Communication and Reiki

Our pets, unscathed by the typical programming and limitations of the human world in which we live, are often willing and able to offer us guidance and lessons toward the true meaning of unconditional love, with their innocent and compassionate view of the world around them. Animals are incredibly observant and intuitive, and I am here to help you bridge the gap by opening this opportunity for  communication and healing, in the hopes of guiding you to a deeper understanding of your best friend.

Interspecies communication, along with Reiki Energy Healing has many potential benefits. This potential extends from the discovery and transformation of behavior and health issues, to releasing trauma, and also soothing the process of end of life transitions. There are no limitations to the possibilities. It is with these gifts that I express my full commitment to helping you and your pet live a healthy life, sparkling with understanding and joy.

Animal Reiki and Animal Communication Services

Services available all around the world!

Animal Reiki

$88 one session

Animal Reiki energy healing sessions are typically offered as distance healing, due to the energy and comfort of the pet. Distance healing allows your pet to experience Reiki from the comfort of home with minimal excitement and distractions. Your Animal Reiki Distance energy healing session includes:

Animal Telepathic Communication

1 hr $88

Sessions take place over LIVE online meeting via FaceTime or Zoom (Pacific time zone), or phone in the U.S. You may also choose to have results sent via email.

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