The amazing disciplines

My dear readers, my name is Amber, owner and founder of Soul Star Energy Healing, and I am here to guide you on a special journey. A journey to discover one of the most powerful and rejuvenating tools we have for a healthier and mindful life.

I am talking about Reiki…

I know! There is a lot of misconception about both Reiki and today I really want to clear things up to open yourself to this amazing powerful discipline.

What Reiki really is

Reiki is a very ancient natural healing system, which sees its origins in Japan. It consists of the channeling of universal energy – that which modern science defines bioelectricity – through the laying on of hands, in order to transmit life force.

The term “Rei Ki” means spiritual or universal energy (KI) (REI), and the term is used indistinctly both to define the energy source to which Rei Ki draws from the actual therapy.

Reiki is both a method of treating the disease, but mainly a path of spiritual growth. Through the regular use of Reiki, you get an improvement in your health, thanks to the improvement of your energy – spiritual condition. This, of course, does not mean Reiki as a substitute for traditional medical prescriptions, be they allopathic or homeopathic. We can understand Reiki as a powerful means of strengthening one’s life energy. It is also helpful as well as for traditional therapies making their effect amplified and encouraging faster healing.

How Reiki is practiced

Reiki is a transmission of energy from the operator who performs it to the person who receives it.  Let’s start from the assumption that the vital energy we are talking about is energy present at subtle levels in the Universe and that can be transmitted among people. All that we are and the world we live in is made of energy, even we ourselves are energy transformed into matter.

Reiki is the healing practice that speaks to our cells with the same code of which they are composed: energy. The practitioner does not invent anything that is not already present within the subject itself. He transforms himself into an energy channel and is able to concentrate and “call” vital and spiritual energy into his hands. Through it, it is possible to aim at where the person most needs and rebalance the organs in terms of energy.

What do yoga and Reiki have in common?

Yoga and Reiki are based on the study of the chakras in order to keep them in action and to let the energy flow through them. But wait…do you know what are chakras? The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, and means “wheel of light”. The chakras vibrate at different rates on different frequencies, like the original sources of the absorbed energies. Their task is to receive, rework or convert and emanate energy. There are seven main centers and each corresponds to a certain color. Each chakra is connected to an endocrine gland and thus connects our energy system with the physical body.

It is wrong to say that yoga “completes” Reiki because yoga is already complete in itself. The Western world has not fully understood the profound meaning of yoga because it considers it as a simple gymnastics and perhaps this is also why it is considered a complementary nature of Reiki. The two disciplines are both based on chakras and they are intended to provide a sense of union, of balance and of harmony from inside your body to outside of it.

The power of Reiki

We can affirm that Reiki is simply the healthy and sober awareness of one’s inner energy, our right from birth, and used for life with the aim of achieving a great interior harmonization, physical and mental well-being. I strongly believe Reiki, such as yoga, are wonderful tools to live a balanced fulfilling and healthy life in both body and mind. This is the reason why I decided to dedicate my passion, knowledge, and energy to different branches of these disciplines. One of them is Animal Reiki, a unique way to connect, bond and take care of our little furry friends in a loving way, helping you to rediscover the ancient and sacred bond with your pet. If you want to learn more about my services and my own vision of these disciplines check this out and see what I can do for you but, most of all, what we can create together!

A little reminder..

I want you to know that, practicing Reiki makes us more alive, more energetic, more positive, more open to allowing vital energy to prevail over sickness because it means to free oneself from that illusory sense of separation from the Whole, and instead acquire the knowledge of being one with the Universe, just like a wave is part of the ocean. Everything that lives is energy! Me, you, us, together, we are energy! Embrace it, release it and start living your best life!                                                            



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