Welcome to Soul Star Healing

Hi, I’m Amber

Welcome to Soul Star Healing.

My mission is to reconnect you with the gifts of the earth so that you can reach your highest and greatest self.

Crystal healing, aromatherapy, essential oils and space cleansing.

I’m a Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Empath, and Spiritual Guide. I specialize in animal reiki and animal communication, and I’m also a certified yoga instructor.

I began my Reiki journey a few years ago, finding it after learning to perform energy healing. When I was awakened to my spiritual gifts and purpose as a healer,

I’d found that the energy flowing through my hands and my third eye allowed me to heal and see not only movement and blockages in chakras but even spirit animals in energy fields.

I knew if I was going to share this healing with the world, I would need a name for it. I searched for a practice that involved sending healing energy into the chakras. I landed upon Chios, and then Reiki. I took my first Reiki Level 1 course with Nancy Windheart. I was drawn to Nancy because she had a specialty in the healing and communication with animals. Through her training and online group programs, I deepened my relationship and connection with the animal kingdom though the practice or Reiki and animal communication. I went on to take Reiki Level 2 with Nancy, as well as Animal Reiki. I also have taken advanced level 3 training in interspecies communication, which is empowering and deepening my ability and understanding of our animal friends, both in the physical and the spirit world, so that I may share them with you. Please go here to find more about my services for your pet: www.soulstarsandiego.com/services-pets

From the beginning, I knew I would be moving on to teach Reiki to others. I went on to receive the honor of becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher with Jenny Wright of Indigo Chakra in San Diego CA on 12/12/17 at 12 PM.

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Many holistic practices have the general aim of bringing harmony into the body, mind and spirit, each with a specific approach. Some techniques are more oriented to work on the physical plane, others on the emotional and others on the energetic and spiritual.

I decided to create a wider kind of project with a mission made up of a mixture of practices,

a powerful combination of the most amazing disciplines,

and inspirations and healing tools to help you find your better version of yourself. This this is done by guiding you to the connection you have with the earth, plants, animals and everything around and within you. And it’s all you need, in the perfect timing for you.

Let me, and my practice, Soul Start Energy Healing, take you on a journey…

The combination of earth gifts, energy healing and mindful movement

The Earth is a living being, it brings balance into everything we do. That’s why we want to eat organic food, bring crystals, plant medicine, essential oils, and CBD into our lives. These things bring you back to balance. That’s the wonderful gift of our Mother Earth is bringing balance into our lives. When we have balance in our physical bodies, pain and disease will not actually be present. Not only that,

we can release ourselves from old fears and/or old patterns that keep reappearing in our lives.

This is also why I incorporate cannabis, one of our most powerful earth gifts into my offerings as a Ganja Yoga instructor. Yoga being the most powerful and complete discipline to work on your spirit while using your body and your presence.

We can mindfully move this powerful plant through every cell of our bodies, experiencing the true wisdom that this powerful plant medicine has to offer us.

Reiki is defined as

“the life force energy that exists within all living beings”.

Everything has reiki: plants, trees, animals, everything has reiki to it, and everything has energy to it. Rocks, tables, whether it be very light or very dense, everything has energy to it. And, while each being on this planet has and creates a certain vibration of energy, there is a higher vibration of energy that exists beyond this planet, in the Universe.

The process of Reiki is channeling this higher vibration of energy from the Universe, into your physical body, and energetic body. It helps create balance as well and destroys some of the old blockages that you’re carrying with you.

This is why you see a lot of people

releasing pain and old patterns, being able to move forward, find their purpose when introducing Reiki into their lives.

Reiki raises your vibration so that you can match the things that you want. You can take your power back as the co-creator of your life. And attract all the things you truly desire.

Private Reiki sessions with me also include crystal healing, another of our powerful earth gifts from deep within the earth. Because Reiki and Crystal energy is universal, it is available across all time and space. For that reason, you can book a private Reiki session with me as distance healing anywhere in the world and experience the healing energy of crystals and Reiki in your location. For your distance Reiki sessions, I incorporate crystals that I choose just for you and your healing journey.

I present and welcome you to

the union of Heaven Earth: Soul Star Healing

I hope you’ll connect with me and join me for local, or even distance Reiki Healing sessions from the comfort of your home.

If you’re feeling the deep desire to light up your path, you might also like to schedule a 60-minute Intuitive Guidance session over online meetings, which includes a chakra reading, messages from crystals, and oracle guidance.

I also provide the same services for your beloved pets. Animal Reiki is known to help with behavioral issues, pain management, and much more. I also offer animal communication sessions as phone or online readings, or email reports.

Animal Reiki and Animal Communication

If you’re feeling the call to awaken the healer within you, I also offer Reiki 1, 2 and Master level training programs, which can be scheduled as a local blended or completely online and distance course. Please click here to see Reiki training programs if you are interested in learning to share the gift of Reiki with others.

I give you the right tools to live your life, energy, and emotion in a complete and brand-new way. Check out my service section to learn about some amazing upcoming classes and workshops. See what I can give for you and for your life. Remember that this is not my or your journey. This is our journey and together we will find the best way to create some pure magic!

I’m so glad you’re here.


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